Go Green!

P.A. Landers is a leader in recycling old roadways. Our operations are clean, efficient, dependable and safe. State of the art facilities and advanced, computerized systems provide safeguards that protect our environment.

Torn up asphalt and concrete, once disposed of, can now be used to make new streets and highways. We recycle hundreds of tons of material daily, creating a usable end product from formerly unusable waste – at economical prices.

That’s good for our customers and even better for our environment!

P.A. Landers is proud to produce, supply and place reusable materials. For example, in the production of aggregate, we recycle our asphalt/concrete materials to make road base, driveways and access roads. When working with concrete, we use the left over mix to create 3’ and 6’ blocks. In fact, concrete has become the choice material for green construction. From its raw material production to its demolition, concrete is a FRIEND to the environment. It is durable, energy efficient and made of natural resources found locally and around the USA.

At our stump-dump recycling facility on Cape Cod, we recycle brush, leaves, grass clippings and stumps. Although we allow some materials to compost, the stumps and branches are ground to make fresh, local mulch. Our mulch is available at all three locations in black, red and brown.
We are proud to acknowledge that all of our production plants fall well bellow the state emissions guidelines. P. A. Landers fully complies with the Environmental protection Agency.