Committed to Health and Safety...

There is no issue of greater importance to the P.A. Landers’ owners and management team than the safety of our employees.

P.A. Landers has always had a strong safety program, but as we move forward, our commitment to the health and safety of our employees is stronger than ever. Since Landers offers a diverse range of products and services, compliance with many regulatory agencies is required. These agencies include OSHA, which oversees road and site construction, concrete and asphalt production and our maintenance facilities. Our aggregate crushing and screening production falls under the regulatory jurisdiction of MSHA, and our large heavy truck fleet requires attention to DOT regulations.

Public safety is also a top priority at P. A. Landers. Prospective employees are screened for drugs, their driving records are reviewed and their previous employers are contacted. Current employees are randomly drug and alcohol tested. We ensure that our employees are licensed and medically qualified to operate equipment and drive trucks. 

Landers’ diversity is made possible by our many talented and versatile employees.  We provide ongoing, comprehensive safety training for all of our employees. All employees complete an OSHA 10 Hour Construction course. Other training includes competent person, mining safety, general industry, and trucking safety. Our goal is to provide the safest workplace possible for our employees.