Our Work Stands for Itself


Resurfacing and Related Work on a Section of Route 3 Duxbury to Hingham, MA

Owner : Mass. Highway Dept. 


  •  $ 11.4 Million project to resurface the existing roadway for
  • ( 14 ) miles of dual - lane highway.
  • Work involved cold - planing the existing paving, repaving, drainage structure repairs, guard rail end treatment replacements, pavement markings, and bridge repairs.
  • Our original contract work was expanded to include additional safety enhancements through bridge repairs, cold - planing, and paved turnouts.


Route 44 Highway Relocation and Five Bridges in Carver, Kingston, Plymouth, Ma.

Owner : Mass. Highway Dept.


  •  $ 54 Million Project, involving ( 7 ) miles of dual - lane highway construction, the largest single project in the company's history.
  • Culmination of the review by the Estimating Dept. of approx. ( 800 ) plan sheets, and numerous documentation.
  • Involved several, significant environmental issues, i.e. pond and stream crossings, wetlands plantings and replication, dewatering, and wildlife considerations.
  • Structural elements included an underground Pedestrian Tunnel, MSE retaining walls, along with the construction of the ( 5 ) Bridges.



Colony Place Shopping Center - Commerce Way - Plymouth, MA

Owner : Saxon Partners, Inc.


  •  Preparatory construction involved working with the client on the excavation of ( 3 ) million cubic yards to grade the site for future development.
  • $ 6 Million of subdivision roadway construction, and $ 2.2 Million of off - site Highway and Bridge construction was undertaken to prepare the project for future site development, all completed in ( 6 ) months.
  • The Owner further contracted with us between 2004 - 2008, for the shopping center development of establishments such as Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Dick's Sporting Goods, and a Hampton Inn Hotel, comprising an $ 18 Million construction project.


New Target Store - Abington, MA

Owner : Target Stores, Inc.


  •  $ 4.6 Million project involving construction of a new Target Store.
  • Work included clearing, earthwork with ( 40,000 ) cubic yards of fill, building excavation, site utilities, paving, curbing, ( 15,000 ) square feet of modular block retaining wall, fencing, guardrail, sidewalks, landscaping, seeding, and highway work with traffic signals.
  • The major challenge to scheduling was the discovery, excavation, and replacement of ( 24,000 ) cubic yards of unsuitable material. P.A. Landers, Inc. worked closely with the client, plotting a grid of the new elevations through field measurement and our earthwork software.
  • The client concurred with our quantities from our submitted earthwork diagrams. No time was lost on the projected store opening, even with this additional work.



Roadway Reconstruction & Related Work on Sections of North & South Main Sts. Sharon, MA

Owner : Mass. Highway Dept.


  •  $ 9.4 Million project that was a combination of ( 5 ) miles of roadway reconstruction, including excavation, cold - planing the existing paving, pavement reclamation, repaving, drainage and water line work, sidewalks, curbing, guardrail, pavement markings, signs, traffic signals and landscaping.
  • Work also included streetscape work, with concrete and brick sidewalks, trees, ornamental street lighting, benches, and trash receptacles.
  • P.A. Landers worked with the client on a significant improvement to the project, involving changing the originally planned pavement cold - planing areas, to full - depth pavement reclamation for better pavement integrity.



Rehabilitation of the Cape Cod Rail Trail Bike Path - Brewster to Wellfleet, MA

Owner : Dept. of Conservation & Recreation (DCR)


  • $6.3 Million project involving rehabilitating (12) miles of existing bike trail.
  •  Work involved treeclearing, site demolition, grading, pulverizing the existing paved bike trail, and repaving of the bike trail and its adjacent parking lots.
  • Challenges existed in the construction of a 20' high, vertical Modular Block Retaining Wall, with insufficient space for geogrid tiebacks. Permanent steel sheeting was employed to stabilize the slope against a neighboring property and an existing, underground bike tunnel.
  • P.A. Landers worked with the client to submit an acceptable method of fastening the geogrid, with angle - iron supports welded to the steel sheeting, and bolted connections for the geogrid, to maintain stability.
  • Specialty items of work included granite benches, picnic tables, bollards, graphic trail map signage, mile markers, etched boulders, flashing traffic beacons with trail counters, pavement markings, textured pavement, curbing, fencing, guardrail, seeding and landscaping.



Two Concrete Bridge Replacements-W. Britannia St. over Mill River-Taunton, MA

Owner : Mass. Highway Dept.


  • $1.2 Million project to replace (2) Bridges simultaneously.
  • Structural work included the demolition of the existing bridges, steel sheeting, and the concrete construction for the ( 2 ) bridges.
  • Construction work included excavation and grading, utilities, curbing, guardrail, fencing, stone retaining walls, and sidewalks.
  • Erosion control in the form of rip - rap stone, stone gabions, and control of water was exercised on this project.


Bridge Replacement - Route 140 (Summer Street) over the Bay Colony Railroad -Taunton, MA

Owner : Mass. Highway Dept.


  • $ 850,000.00 project for concrete bridge replacement over an existing active railroad.
  • Structural work included the demolition of the existing bridge, and the concrete construction for the new bridge.
  • The major challenge to construction was the erection of a temporary bridge for relocation of existing utilities, and the temporary support of existing utilities to keep them active.
  • Other construction work included excavation and grading, cold - planing and repaving, utilities, curbing, fencing, repointing granite walls, sidewalks, pavement markings and signs.